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General Questions and Answers:
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        Question: Do you have dials for Stromberg Carlson Metal desk phones? Do you have
                         a book on restoring these and other phones w/ schematics? and Can you
                         tell me how to get these phones to ring? Thank You!
           Answer: Stromberg did make their own dials, but they were not real realiable. We have
                         them for $30.00 Often they used Automatic Electric dials, which were better. We
                         have them for $30.00
                         Often these phones had party line ringers and they will not ring or they have
                         been disconnected.
                         We have diagrams for various phones $1.00 ea.
                         Old Time Technology by Ralph Meyers sells for $18.95 Lots of people like this
        Question: I have recently acquired a beautiful Ivory French phone (made in
                         Denmark). The mouthpiece is the only part that doesn't work. The
                         following is printed on brass mouthpiece and bottom of phone:
                         "KJOBENHAUNS TELEFON" AND "AKTIESELSKAB". Phone weighs 9#, has white
                         cloth line with brass dial,raised
                         numbers and crown and shield on dial. I
                         took mouthpiece apart and the receiver capsule had a carbon type flat
                         liner and
                         small particles of carbon?? or something
                         inside. How can I get to work? Send the receiver capsule to you to
                         repair, etc. Except for dial, very similar to your phone FRIV on page
                         16 of
                         your catalog. Please advise instructions and cost. Please also
                         advise value. Thank you.
           Answer: These handsets are nearly impossible to get to work. We upgrade them to modern
                         elements if there is room in the housing.
                         You may send it to us for repair.
                         Estimate $50-60.
        Question: Just received your catalog today VERY prompt service and a most
                         impressive catalog. You are to be commended not only on service, but
                         on an excellent web site as well. Keep up the good work.
           Answer: Thank you for your kind words. You're comments are very much appreciated.
        Question: I would like to know how many of the Stars & Stripes phones (Item
                         PS13) you have on hand. Also, what would be my total cost including
                         shipping for one of these phones. Do they actually work like a real
                         phone? What is lead time on one of these?
                         Hope to hear from you soon.
           Answer: At least a dozen @$150/ea plus approximately $10 S/H (depending of weight and
                         where you live). Can be shipped same day if ordered before 3PM CST.
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