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    Payphone Parts - (2)
    Wooden Wall Phones - (2)
    Wooden Wall Phone Parts - (2)
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        Question: Hello,
                          I am looking for an E1 style hand set with a straight cloth covered
                         cord (preferable with a modular jack at the end where it connects to
                         the phone).
           Answer: The original E1 is $85.00 ($75.00 w/new transmitter cup). It is not modular,
                         however it may be able be made modular on one end but the cord isn't
                         the real cloth type. We have repro E1 which is black plastic w/brass trim
                         $45.00, which is modular. Cords are $6.25 ea. + s/h
        Question: Dear Mary,
                         Thank you again for such prompt service. A few last questions before
                         we order.
                         1) Is model RR102 Repro brass avaliable in ivory colour?
                         2) Are models PETBS or PETBT availble with a brass banded handset in
                         ivory colour?
                         3) I suspect that any of these phones include a warbler and are fully
                          Thank you
           Answer: We can paint the RR102 in ivory.
                         2. We can paint the handsets ivory, but they do not come in brass banded
                         3. yes, yes
        Question: Do you have a 395 W.E. microphone capsule for the E-1 handset? If so
                         please tell price.
           Answer: I'm not familiar with the 395, but i do have the F1 elements that are used in
                         the E1 handsets. They are $8.00 ea. + about $2.00 s/h
                         If you mean the bullet type transmitter, then that is a different story.
        Question: I've seen some really classy looking
                         metalic W.E. 302's - some are chrome and
                         some are "polished metal". Question:
                         How do you make a polished metal phone?
                         I assume you start with a painted metal
                         shell, but from there I don't know how
                         to proceed. If you remove the paint and
                         polish it - how do you strip off the
                         paint, what do you polish it with,and
                         how do you keep it from rusting?
           Answer: Sandblast or sand(using sandpaper)off the paint. Use meduim sand paper first and
                         reduce it down to real fine. The n buff is with a buffing machine. Then coat it
                         with a clear finish to keep it
                         nice and from rusting. OR you can send it to plater for chrome or nickel plate,
                         but be sure they know what they are doing for this type of metal gets eaten up
                         with the chemicals that they use to prepare it for plating. Also make sure they
                         don't lose any of the small parts.
    Phones from the 50s to the 70s - (1)
    Decorator Phones - (3)
    Old Style Reproduction Phones Created in the 70s & 80s - (1)
    Novelty Phones - (1)
    Novelty Phones (continued) - (1)
    Eiffel Tower Phone - None
    Ringer Boxes, Bells & Buzzers - (1)
    ScissorGates & Brackets - None
    Jukeboxes - None
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