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    Bakelite & Steel Phones of the 30s to the 50s - (3)
        Question: I'm trying to locate the model number and year of a 300 series Bell
                         telephone I have ('37 or '39 302 it seems). I can't find any info on
                         the exterior. It's in excellent condition, works, has brown cloth
                         coil line, F-1 rec. I'm also interested in value.
           Answer: The 302 was made in 1937. The case was designed by industrial designer, Henry
                         Dreyfuss. You can find these at back yard sales and flee markets for $10-20 and
                         up. Restored we sell them for $164.00 and up.
        Question: Would you have access to parts for a Western Electric model 317P? It
                         seems to be intact, except for the transmitter.
           Answer: Complete transmitter from the door out or just the transmitter and the little
                         screw in mouthpiece? If the later is the case you could go with the old
                         transmitter $85.00 + new mpc. $5.00
                         Or a new brass faceplate $12.50 + the mouthpiece. The complete OLD arm from the
                         door to the tip of the mpc would be$195.00, complete new one would be $37.00 +
        Question: Greetings: Can you give me more info on the makes of the Kellogg
                         Redbar in regards to Enameled Steel vs. Bakelite? For instance,
                         production years and value/availability for both types. Additional
                         details such as fingerwheel finishes and cord types would also be
                         helpful. I am attempting to restore a Steel Redbar to near original
                         condition. Thanks.
                         Also, do you recommend refinishing this phone, or will it lose value
                         if it is refinished in black? If refinishing the body is an option,
                         will you recommend the process and/or materials?
                         And finally, I noticed the reddish-brown Redbar on your products page?
                          Is this a bakelite or steel model? In its original form, did these
                         phones come with chrome or brass fingerwheels, cloth or rubber cords?
                         And what is the red button near the front of cradle for?
                         Thanks for all the info.
           Answer: These were made between 37-50.
                         They had various finger wheels either chrome or black is appropiate. They came
                         with with cloth cords, coiled or straight rubber or vinyl. Call for further
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