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        Question: Thank you for the prompt reply for the catalogue. We unfortunatel do
                         not understand all the jargon of the trade.
                         We are interested in the Model BS24 or BS24K.
                         Could you kindly explain the following:
                         1) In models mentionned what is the difference between "ringer" and
                         2) Can we assume the the phone will function and ring when we plug
                         it into a jack?
                         3) Does the word "kit" suggest that the client will assemble the
                         4) On model BS24 is the receiver of brass? If not, can you install
                         to accommodate client?
                         5) Does model PETFR have ringer or warbler included?
                         6) On the representation of BS24 in catalogue I am not certain that
                         the stem is brass, can you confirm.
                         7) You indicate that a customer may benefit of the W/Q prices if he
                         belongs to a collector club.Can you send info. if there are any
                         collector clubs in Canada.
           Answer: BS24 is assembled and BS24K is a kit. You asemble.
                         1. warbler is a electonic ringer and a network/warbler is the electronic network
                         as well as the warbler. It fits behind the faceplate and also includes the
                         transmitter. Candlesticks do not need a network to work, but it does improve
                         the transmission quality.
                         2.Yes it will function and ring if you add the warbler.
                         3.Yes. A kit comes in all the pieces for you to put together.
                         4.The receiver on the kit is hard rubber or plastic (your choice) for $1.50
                         extra, it can be brass.
                         5. Yes the PETFR has some form of a ringer--a warbler or a buzzer.
                         6.BS24 is all brass except for the receiver and mouthpiece.
                         7. W/Q means wholesale/quantity. It is for the dealers who have a resale # and
                         purchases phones for resell. We also give it to the telephone collectors club
                         members. Antique Telephones Collectors Assoc. PH# 913 263 1757
                         Telephone Collectors International ph # 815 695 5763
                         Canada no longer has a club (I don't think). There is a lot of interest in
                         Canada. There are about 50 Canadians who belong to the US clubs. Call me and I
                         will give a couple people who may be of help. Mary
        Question: I have what appears to be a Kellogg candlestick phone with attached
                         ringerbox. I would like to use the phone as an extention. I am only
                         able to get the phone to either ring or speak: not both. Can you give
                         me any advice on this?? I believe the phone was made in the 30's or
                         early 40' is all there. Thank you in advance.
           Answer: The problem could be anything, but you do need a .4 capacitor on the ringer,
                         otherwise the phone may appear to be off hook. The old capacitor in the phone
                         may be shorted out or may not work. If all else fails, we can get to work. We
                         like to put modern networks in them to make them compatible with todays lines
                         and insure them to good working.
        Question: I am trying to obtain a telephone appropriate for the N. C. Wyeth
                         studio in Chadds Ford, PA. This is the studio of the painter N. C.
                         Wyeth, and I understand from members of the Wyeth family that a
                         candlestick-type phone was in use. There is no information on what
                         type of candlestick telephone it was. Is there a way to at least
                         narrow the choices, knowing that it was installed in southeastern PA,
                         probably about 1923. I've looked at your catalogue offering of
                         candlestick styles and am perplexed...which one to choose?
           Answer: Western Electric was very much in PA., especially in the bigger cities. Bell
                         left the samll cities and rural areas to the Independent companies.
        Question: Looking to purchase a black & nickel candle stick-original phone with
                         ringer box. Working condition perferred. Willing to spend $250-$300.
                          Do you have anything available?
           Answer: A non dial Kellogg is $195. Bell box
                         w/network $60.00, wired together with 6' cord about $45.00
                         + s/h
        Question: If I were to purchase one of your BS18K models, would it function and
                         ring when I plugged it in ?
           Answer: It will talk and listen and dial out. You need to request a warbler to be
                         installed $8.00 extra if you want it to ring. The warbler is an electronic
                         ringer not a bell ringer. You will need to select one of the ringer boxes +
                         additional $35.00 to wire the 2 together.
        Question: I got your names from howie @ AndHow! Our 8th grade is performing
                         "It's A Wonderful Life" & needs 4 candlestick telephines for props.
                         They don't have to work. Can we rent them from you or someone else
                         you know? thanks.
           Answer: You can rent or buy. Call for options
                         (608) 582-4124
                         Just had a thought. usually your grades don't have much of a budget for props. I
                         do have a diagram for building fake ones I can fax you. Or, be creative in
                         woodworking shop and use broom sticks and cutouts for the phones. Good luck
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