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General Questions and Answers: - (11)
Main Products Questions and Answers: - (3)
    Payphones - (6)
    Coin Operated Customer Owned Telephones - None
    Payphone Parts - (2)
    Wooden Wall Phones - (2)
    Wooden Wall Phone Parts - (2)
        Question: I recently purphased a wooden wall phone that didn't contain any of
                         the phone parts, a wooden shell. What I would like to do is buy all
                         the parts that would have appeared on the outside of the box from your
                         company. The wooden box I have looks exactly like the cathedral top
                         picture frame fronter phone box you have pictured on your web site. I
                         have requested a catalog from your web site but I don't know if I'll
                         be able to tell what parts to order. Would you be able to supply the
                         part numbers or description or parts from your catalog that I would
                         need to order?
           Answer: Order Parts for looks $110.00 + s/h About $7.00
        Question: Do you have a receiver hang up switch for a kellogg wall phone any
                         used switch will work.
           Answer: Is your phone the old Cathedral top picture frame front? Or is it the picture
                         frame front or the plain front? The hooks were different for each of these. The
                         ctpff takes a long one and the others take a short one. And there is quite a
                         price difference. Do you need the switch as well?
    Wooden Wall Phone Parts (continued) - (2)
    Candlestick Phones - (6)
    Candlestick Phone Parts - (4)
    Country Junction Phones - (1)
    More Country Junction Phones - None
    Bakelite & Steel Phones of the 30s to the 50s - (3)
    More Bakelite & Steel Phones - None
    Art Decorator Phones of the 20s - (4)
    Phones from the 50s to the 70s - (1)
    Decorator Phones - (3)
    Old Style Reproduction Phones Created in the 70s & 80s - (1)
    Novelty Phones - (1)
    Novelty Phones (continued) - (1)
    Eiffel Tower Phone - None
    Ringer Boxes, Bells & Buzzers - (1)
    ScissorGates & Brackets - None
    Jukeboxes - None
Miscellaneous Products Questions and Answers: - (19)