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    History Books - (2)
    Jacks & Accessories - None
    Accessories (continued) - (7)
    Posters, Afghans, Charts, Postcards, Lithographs & Miscellaneous - None
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    Cloth Handset Cords and Line Set Cords - (6)
        Question: Can you please describe this sign.
                         Size, material, original, repro., etc.
                         Also, what is the difference between W390 and W380 line cords?
           Answer: It is something that we created several years ago and was made in Taiwan.
                         It is heavy metal 9"x12"
                         The W380 is a 2 cond.line cord with spaded on both ends.
                         The W390 is a cloth covered modular line cord with mod plug is on one end and
                         spades on the other end. It can also be mod on both ends.
        Question: I would like to know more about the magneto sets you have pictured. I
                         am looking for one for a science related project. Do you have any
                         information on where I might find one new.
           Answer: Either of these will work for a school project. We have sold several for this
                         application. We have them for sale.Order either the MAGNE or the SMMAG. Feel
                         free to call us on this matter.
        Question: I've never yet seen any specifications on the power requirements to
                         operate my old wall phones. All of those parts listed, at this site &
                         many other sources, & still no answer to my very basic questions of:
                         What is the voltage needed to make the phone work in it's original
                         condition? AND What battery voltage should be used or, if it's
                         feasible, what ratings (voltage & current) should I look for in an
                         ac/dc power supply?
                         Will be most grateful for answers or any leads to information
                         concerning this.
           Answer: Generators to ring the bells are 90V AC and they took 2 1.5V batteries in their
        Question: I have a S.C. in very good shape, but I am missing a part. the piece
                         that goes onto the crank shaft to engage the magneto is missing. thus
                         the crank just spins freely without turning the magneto. Could not
                         find a replacement in the catalog. Please help.
           Answer: This could be caused by a collar with a set screw slipping or has come loose.
                         You need to place this as close to the big gear as possible and tighten the set
        Question: What cloth line cord do I need for a
                         western electric model 302 ? I want to
           Answer: Order W341 for handset and the W390 for the modular line cord. If you have a
                         bell box order one of the MC cords. We have brown, black, ivory, red, and 3
                         shades of green
        Question: Am looking for a 25 foot, brown cloth covered, coiled, modular phone
                         cord from wall phone to handset.
                         Guessed at your website using prior invoice 10877 from 5/18/94. Thank
           Answer: We have no 25' cloth coiled handset cord modular. Only have 6'.
                         I may be able to come up with old spaded coiled handset cord 15'.
    Magnetos and Old Parts - None
    Multiline, Small Switchboard, Intercoms & Outdoor Phones - None
    Test Sets - None
    Surplus Items - None
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    Old Novelty Phones - None
    Telegraph Equipment - None
    Headset Telephones - None
    Answering Machines & Cordless Phones - None
    Key Telephone Units - None
    Outdoor Phone Boxes and Booths - None
    Novelty Phones - Porcelain & Neon - None
    2-Way Radios & Special Needs - None
    Vehicles - None
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