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Items From: Art Decorator Phones of the 20s
Called French phone from two origins: 1. The shape of the mouthpiece is like a French horn. 2. World War I soldiers stationed in France and Belgium used these phones and brought the term home to the U.S. as French-phones because they were all that was seen in France except some woodwall crankphones. Paris was the leader in these and variations in styles.

This one however, is also called a Danish phone since it was made in Stockholm, Sweden and made in Copenhagen. They were made and used by KTAS [Copenhagen Telephone Association [Company] in 1909 and for some years following. Dials were added in 1921 or 1922.

The handset grip is wood and the end parts and bells are nickelled brass. The bulk of the phone is steel on a cast base. These phones were in use into the early 1950њs and brought over here by Bob Prosser during the period of 1946-1955.

In many of the grips were levers which when depressed, muted the transmitter so party-liners could listen in without detection.

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