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Items From: Candlestick Phones
Back To: Candlestick Phones Rarish UT (United Telephone). We have been enthusiastic about telephone history since 1972. We have had only two like this. They came froma purchase of sizeable quantity of dial-type candlestick telephones from Argentina in around 2002. They had been stored for 50 yearsby a Telco CEO. Numerous parts of this phone are interchangeable with Western Electric and appear to be Western Electric. UT contracted Sterling to manufacture phones for them in the 1920s and 1930s. The nickel plating shows lots of use with some brass appearing through the nickel. It has 28468 stamped into one side of the cup and a larger number is stamped into the other side of the rim of this cup (faceplate cup). AD33243 is stamped into the perch. The solid brass perch is outwardly almost identical to the earlier Western Electric candlestick phone perches. The base is extremely close in appearnce but the baseplate has only one screw holding it on and there are no patent dates in the front under the dial such as on a W.E. This has a walnut bellbox attached. When this wood is refinished, it is beautiful. Some years ago, a fellow from England published a pamphlet telling what numbers which were used to refer to telephones meant. Whether this applies to the numbers stamped into the perch, I don't know and didn't locate the pamphlet to determine. If I could find the pamphlet, perhaps then I could tell you what company UT engaged to manufacture this phone. It is almost as if they had a strong relationship with Western Electric at the time. The mouthpiece has a chip in it, the back of the bellbox is slightly split and the receiver has been patched and glued.
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