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All bottoms are pre-1935.

Easy to date origin at prior to 1935, WE parted from Gray in 1934. Cloth cord, old W.E. transmitter and rec units. Includes older cast coin gauge at top. 95% old.

8-with chrome bottoms will have painted black tops. A number of these will also have the backboards dating back to the early teens. The tops will be post-1934 but likely pre-1948 or 57 (not sure when the shallower socket began) Gray AE transmitter holes.
PY18A·································$700.00 Add To Your Shopping Cart

4 of these will have 1934-40 W.E. steel tops having the original mounting holes for the 1925 oval transmitter mount (offered in W.E. & Grabar catalogs till early 50s). SOLD OUT
PY18B·································$750.00 Add To Your Shopping Cart

Two old 1920s style Western Electric “Gray-Western”) payphones available approximately late Feb. 2011. Both will have cast iron 2-boss backboard manufactured between 1916-20s. These will use the old wood terminal strips as from the teens into the 30s or/and 40s by Gray & used in AEs. The bottom housings are obviously 1918-34. Days or/and weeks of research would be required to determine greater accuracy in dating. Both have the 1914-23 flat doors. The 1454/3 lead coin channels likely used inside the top housings will be of the type shown in Gray’s 1934 catalog and seen in AEs until 1972. The fronts will have had the originally driiled holes for the transmitter, however, the chrome one has also the hole, for the direction card base. See book at top of page for verifications. 1) As with many 1911-72s. This one was chrome plated and is very attractive. The switchhook is an old (1909-20s) nickel-plated switchhook fastened to a 1930s-60s payphone switchhook end. Even has a chromed 1914-1923 flat door. The top housing shows it to be 1934-39 steel. SOLD OUT
PAY50·································$590.00 Add To Your Shopping Cart

2) All black. Cast top housing is 1911-19. SOLD OUT
PAY51·································$700.00 Add To Your Shopping Cart
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