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Items From: Wooden Wall Phones
Back To: Wooden Wall Phones This was a popular style for many years. The short coming of most wood wall phones was the sound quality. The original wiring for the phone did not include a network. The network regulated the power to the transmitter and receiver and eliminated the tunnel sound effect often found in the older phones. This phone is shown with the available touchtone pad added externally. This pad not only make your phone able to call out it contains a network to inprove sound quality. If you desire transmitter and receiver elements can be upgraded to give sound quality comparable to any modern phone. Most of the wood wall phones are built to individual customer wishes. We can offer you anything from completely original to fully functional on todays phone lines. The prices shown are for a basic restoration that is mostly old parts, except the transmitter, mouthpiece, receiver cap and possibly the bottom box. The phone will be usable on modern phone lines but the sound quality will be less than that of modern phones. Feel free to call or email with questions and concerns. We can restore these phones to almost any configuration you might desire.
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