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Items From: Wooden Wall Phones
Back To: Wooden Wall Phones Likely no other European-made phone used this style of transmitter mount/arm or bells. The bells are unusually thick brass or copper.
Other metal and electrical parts are conspicously L. M. Ericsson. The walnut ringerboxes made during the same are use the same ringer, bells, induction coil and cap. It was as if Western Electric manufactured or else purchased Ericsson-styled parts even though they deviate measurable from the traditional ornate designed Ericsson design. They would easilly pass for a U.S. made 1905-1918 phone.
The U.S.-made W.E. counterpart is not often found. Bob Prosser imported a number of these shortly following WWII.
These remained in use well into the 1940s and were outfitted with a dial in the name of recycling conservation. The transmitter face, cup, switchhook and receiver are always of brass. Sometimes the transmitter face appears to have alloy giving it a copper color. The dial fingerwheel is most always copper.
This is a high quality telephone and can be made to use by altering few parts.
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