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Items From: Wooden Wall Phone Parts
Most old receiver magnets fit in the shell. It is believed by many that these receivers were used during WWII and made sometime in the 1941-45 ear when the plastic was developed and reserved for war use. In 1945 and shortly after the War, plastic first became widely used for domestic products. I received a small P-51 fighter toy plane for Christmas 1945. It was quite a novelty since toys prior to that were rubber, wood, tin or potmetal. Suddenly there were days or weeks of instruction in schools to inform students of this new product material. The type of plastic these are made from resemble the plastic made during WWII. The type of cardboard boxes and the nomenclature on the boxes that these were stored in resemble the type used in the 1940's. TE acquired a large quantity of obsolete telephone equipment and telephones. It appeared that much of this was Leich from Suttle, including these receivers. From TE they went to DM, from DM to SH and from SH to Jerry Billard who had the caps made to fit. Jerry had them probably from the 1980s until 2009. Some boxes had not been opened since the 1950s (dates on them). The plastic is the shiny type like new, but they are not newer than the mid 1950's.
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